bacteriocins in neisseria meningitidis. screening of systemic patient strains and pharyngeal isolates from healthy carriers.systemic meningococcal isolates and meningococci from healthy pharyngeal carriers in norway were screened for production of growth antagonistic substances. seven (4.9%) of a total of 142 systemic strains and 3 (2.1%) of 140 carrier isolates spontaneously released diffusible growth antagonistic substances. properties shown by these substances complied with the criteria used in the definition of a bacteriocin. a cluster of producers among systemic strains registered during the first half of 1975 i ...19968611195
bacteriological findings in nasopharynx specimens from patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute study results from bacteriological specimens from nasopharynx in patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute sinusitis in relation to ct findings.200111482414
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