otitis media: viruses, bacteria, biofilms and vaccines.otitis media typically presents as either acute otitis media (aom), with symptoms including fever, otalgia, otorrhoea or irritability and short duration; or as otitis media with effusion (ome), which is often asymptomatic and characterised by accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. diagnostic certainty of otitis media is challenging, given the young age of patients and variability of symptoms. otitis media predominantly occurs as coincident to viral upper respiratory tract infections and/or bac ...200919883356
epidemiology of nasopharyngeal carriage of respiratory bacterial pathogens in children and adults: cross-sectional surveys in a population with high rates of pneumococcal determine the prevalence of carriage of respiratory bacterial pathogens, and the risk factors for and serotype distribution of pneumococcal carriage in an australian aboriginal population.201020969800
nasal inflammation and chronic ear disease in australian aboriginal children.chronic middle ear disease is common in aboriginal children, and may be linked to nasal inflammation and eustachian tube dysfunction. the pattern of nasal inflammation is unknown. the study reported here was performed to define the role of allergy and infection in causing nasal inflammation in aboriginal children with chronic middle ear disease.19968860389
antibiotic resistance among respiratory pathogens in preschool determine the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among common respiratory pathogens circulating in the community.19957565207
the microbiology of glue ear in australian aboriginal study the bacterial cultures of middle ear aspirates from 27 aboriginal children with otitis media with effusion.200314629496
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