the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. x. relation of acute infections to smoking, lung function and chronic symptoms.the relationship of acute respiratory illness and infection to chronic bronchitis was investigated in the community of tecumseh, michigan. families were randomly selected for study from among all those in the community and they were followed for periods of one year. occurrence of acute respiratory illnesses was identified on a weekly basis. frequency of chronic symptoms of cough and sputum production was separately ascertained. lung function studies were performed three times during the course o ...1978623090
the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. 3. incidence and periodicity of respiratory syncytial virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae infections. 19714328570
the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. vii. further observations on the occurrence of respiratory syncytial virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae infections.the occurrence of infection with respiratory syncytial (rs) virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae was determined over a 6-year period among residents of tecumseh, michigan by isolation and serology. rs virus infection was detected for a variable time each year during the months extending from november to may. there was little viral activity in intervals between these periods of prevalence, which occurred on an alternating short-long cycle. higher infection rates were detected in periods preceding the ...19744374887
focus on preparation for rsv season.the purpose of this article is to describe one institution's successful program to deal with the many challenges incurred by a pediatric service during the respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) season. rsv is a winter phenomenon that appears each year in communities across the globe and results in up to a 60% increase in admissions to children's hospitals and pediatric units. this increase places a huge demand on healthcare institutions, for the census and intensity of illness requires additional qu ...199910479805
respiratory syncytial virus in a community population: circulation of subgroups a and b since 1965.respiratory syncytial viruses were isolated from residents of tecumseh, mi, with illnesses of all severities during the periods 1965-1971 and 1976-1981. these isolates were grouped using one monoclonal antibody specific for each subgroup. all were identified as either subgroup a or b. subgroup a predominated in most years. no differences in age distribution or illness characteristics could be found between the subgroups. this study demonstrated that the currently recognized subgroups have been p ...19902319169
respiratory syncytial virus morbidity and mortality estimates in congenital heart disease patients: a recent determine recent morbidity and mortality rates from respiratory syncytial virus infection in a pediatric congenital heart disease population.19921395661
the tecumseh study of respiratory illness. viii. acute infection in chronic respiratory disease and comparison groups.individuals with chronic lung disease and their families were selected from the tecumsch community along with similarly selected families as comparison groups and studied for 1-year periods. occurence of acute respiratory illness was ascertained weekly by telephone and calculated as an annual rate. persons with chronic bronchitis not only experienced more acute lower respiratory illness than healthy comparison subjects, but total illness rates were somewhat higher as well. infection rates were d ...1975163065
the seasonality of rhinovirus infections and its implications for clinical recognition.rhinoviruses are the most common cause of acute respiratory infections. isolation of rhinoviruses occurs in a distinct and consistent seasonal pattern that can be used to help determine whether an acute respiratory illness is caused by a rhinovirus.200212581541
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