ki polyomavirus detected in respiratory tract specimens from patients in st. louis, missouri.studies have reported the presence of ki polyomavirus (kipyv) and wu polyomavirus (wupyv) in respiratory secretions of young patients. so far, evidence has not supported a link between infections with either virus and respiratory tract disease; however, there has not been a large comparison of kipyv-infected patients to age-matched patient groups.201019949359
respiratory viral infections are a distinct risk for bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome and death.bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (bos) is the major obstacle to long-term survival after lung transplantation, in part because its pathogenesis is poorly understood and treatment options are limited. to identify unique risk factors for bos and death, we performed a retrospective cohort study on 259 consecutive adult lung transplant recipients over a 5-year period. the demographic and clinical characteristics of this population were analyzed for an association between bos or death and potential ...200415130908
rna fingerprinting of respiratory syncytial virus using ribonuclease protection. application to molecular epidemiology.we have used the technique of ribonuclease protection to define genomic variation among circulating isolates of subgroup a respiratory syncytial (rs) virus. rnas extracted from hep-2 cells infected with strains to be analyzed were hybridized with a 32p-labeled rna probe corresponding to the rs virus g glycoprotein (a2 strain). areas of nonhomology were detected by cleavage with ribonuclease a. using this technique, multiple distinct rna cleavage patterns could be distinguished among viral isolat ...19892723064
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