an epizootic of respiratory syncytial virus infection in a dairy herd.respiratory syncytial virus was the cause of a severe epizootic of bovine respiratory tract disease. the virus, isolated from a sick cow during the epizootic, produced cytopathic effect in a bovine turbinate cell line 14 days after it was inoculated. additional support for the diagnosis came from the results of pathologic and serologic examinations. lesions consistently present were severe necrotizing bronchiolitis and epithelial syncytia projecting from bronchiolar and alveolar walls. also, in ...19854055489
first-time wheezing in infants during respiratory syncytial virus season: chest radiograph evaluate the prevalence of pathologic chest radiographs in infants presenting with a first episode of wheezing during respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) seasons and to compare demographics and clinical variables between patients with benign and pathologic chest radiographs.200212395001
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