epidemiological study of enzootic pneumonia in dairy calves in saskatchewan.a field study involving 325 calves from 17 dairy herds in saskatchewan was conducted to determine the risk of enzootic pneumonia and to assess its association with a number of factors. two different case definitions of pneumonia were used in the analyses: the first was based on producers' treatment risk (case1) and the second was based on semimonthly clinical examinations of calves by the research veterinarian (case2). the risk of pneumonia based on case1 was 39% and on case2 was 29%. the measur ...19938269363
interstitial pneumonia in feedlot cattle: concurrent lesions and lack of immunohistochemical evidence for bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection.the objectives of this study were to describe the nature and distribution of microscopic lung lesions in feedlot cattle with interstitial pneumonia and to determine whether bovine respiratory syncytial virus (brsv) antigen was present in affected lungs. lungs with macroscopic lesions compatible with interstitial pneumonia were collected from cattle from 5 west-central saskatchewan feedlots that had been on feed for greater than 60 days at the time of death. interstitial pneumonia was most consis ...200011108450
children hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus infection in saskatchewan pediatric tertiary care centers, describe the epidemiology and severity of illness of children hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection, including those who received palivizumab prophylaxis, at royal university hospital (ruh), saskatoon and regina general hospital (rgh) from july 2002 to june 2005.201425344181
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