microbial health risk posed by table eggs in trinidad.a survey of the microbial quality of table eggs sold in trinidad was conducted. for 23 poultry layer farms each visited twice approximately 1 month apart, 25 pooled eggs constituted a composite sample, for 14 shopping malls each visited twice approximately 1 month apart, six pooled eggs made a composite sample and for a total of 102 other retailers across the country each visited once over a 4-month period, six pooled eggs constituted a composite sample. swabs of egg shells and egg content were ...200516274501
occurrence of selected foodborne pathogens on poultry and poultry giblets from small retail processing operations in trinidad.we conducted a study to determine quantitatively and qualitatively the presence of campylobacter spp., escherichia coli, staphylococci, total coliforms, total aerobic bacteria, and salmonella on broiler carcasses from selected small retail processors in trinidad. we used standard media and procedures for detection and quantification. all carcass and weep samples were positive for aerobic bacteria, e. coli, total coliforms, and staphylococci. significant differences in the mean counts of aerobic ...200616715810
investigation for possible source(s) of contamination of ready-to-eat meat products with listeria spp. and other pathogens in a meat processing plant in 2003, there was a recall of three processed (chicken franks, spice ham and turkey ham ready-to-eat (rte) meat products by a large processing plant in trinidad as a result of contamination by listeria monocytogenes. the study was conducted to investigate the possible source(s) of listeria contamination of recalled rte meat products and to determine the prevalence of listeria spp., salmonella spp., escherichia coli and campylobacter spp. in the products and air within the plant. raw and process ...200616943025
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