detection of protozoan and bacterial pathogens of public health importance in faeces of corvus spp. (large-billed crow).parasites and bacteria are reported in the faeces of birds in the current study. fresh faecal samples of the large-billed crow (corvus spp.) were collected from the study site at bangsar, an urban setting in kuala lumpur, malaysia. these samples were transported to laboratory and analysed for parasites and bacteria. pre-prepared xld agar plates were used for culturing the bacteria in the laboratory. using the api 20etm test strips, 9 different species of bacteria were identified belonging to the ...200818948884
domiciliary cockroaches found in restaurants in five zones of kuala lumpur federal territory, peninsular malaysia.the following domiciliary cockroaches were collected from restaurants in five zones of kuala lumpur federal territory, malaysia using 1l glass beaker traps baited with ground mouse-pellets: periplaneta americana (linnaeus) (n = 820), periplaneta brunnea burmeister (n = 46), blattella germanica (linnaeus) (n = 12504), supella longipalpa (fabricius) (n = 321), symploce pallens stephens (n = 29) and neostylopyga rhombifolia (stoll) (n = 5). the following bacteria were isolated from 10 cockroach spe ...201222543619
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