phosphorus deficiency in cattle on two farms in canterbury. 19744524882
campylobacteriosis in new zealand: results of a case-control identify and assess the contributions of major risk factors for campylobacteriosis in new zealand.19979519133
surveillance of wildlife for mycobacterium bovis infection using culture of pooled tissue samples from ferrets (mustela furo).to compare culture results of homogenates of pooled lymph nodes from individual ferrets with and without macroscopic lesions of bovine tuberculosis for the presence of mycobacterium bovis, and to determine whether homogenates from 10-30 ferrets could be combined and cultured without loss of sensitivity as a possible method for improving cost-effectiveness of surveillance for m. bovis infection in wildlife populations.200515731829
microbial transport from dairying under two spray-irrigation systems in canterbury, new zealand.transport through the soil and vadose zone to groundwater of escherichia coli, fecal coliforms, and campylobacter spp. from pasturing of dairy cows was studied on two working dairy farms under a traveling irrigator and a center pivot system. leachate was collected from 1.5 m depth using a large linear lysimeter over a period of 4 yr after rainfall or irrigation applied using a traveling irrigator. there was little transport of fecal coliforms or campylobacter from irrigation applications of 55 m ...201020400578
reproductive management of dairy herds in new zealand: attitudes, priorities and constraints perceived by farmers managing seasonal-calving, pasture-based herds in four examine attitudes, priorities, and constraints pertaining to herd reproductive management perceived by farmers managing seasonal-calving, pasture-based dairy herds in four regions of new zealand, and to explore how these varied with demographic and biophysical factors.201121328155
the effect of hindclaw height differential and subsequent trimming on lameness in large dairy cattle herds in canterbury, new determine if inequality in height between claws within each hindlimb of dairy cattle is a risk factor for the development of lameness and to determine the effect of preventive trimming of these claws on the subsequent risk of lameness.201222943738
monitoring theileria orientalis (ikeda)-associated bovine anaemia in affected cattle over time.the aim of the study was to observe changes in haematocrit (hct) over time in a new zealand south island dairy herd affected by an outbreak of theileria-associated bovine anaemia (taba; ikeda). a secondary aim was to relate individual cow hcts to the amount of theileria orientalis ikeda dna present in the blood, as measured by cycle threshold values, using a quantitative pcr (qpcr). over a 6 month period, blood samples from 19 randomly selected cattle were monitored from a herd of 600 dairy cows ...201728969833
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