performance comparison among multivariate and data mining approaches to model presence/absence of austropotamobius pallipes complex in piedmont (north western italy).freshwater inhabitants in piedmont (italy) have been deeply disadvantaged by environmental changes caused by human disturbance. hence there are engendered species that need human intervention of an entirely different kind - better management through the development of innovative practical tools. the most ecologically important of the river-dwelling invertebrates is a threatened species, the native white-clawed crayfish austropotamobius pallipes. this is the species that we focused on in our effo ...201121943518
the role of water chemistry in the distribution of austropotamobius pallipes (crustacea decapoda astacidae) in piedmont (italy).over the last decades, the populations of austropotamobius pallipes have decreased markedly all over europe. if we evaluate the ecological factors that determine its presence, we will have information that could guide conservation decisions. this study aims to investigate the chemical-physical demands of a. pallipes in nw italy. to this end, we investigated 98 sites. we performed principal component analysis using chemical-physical parameters, collected in both presence and absence sites. we the ...201020176339
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