isolation and characterization of hantavirus carried by apodemus peninsulae in jilin, provide a better understanding of hantavirus epidemiology in china, korean field mice (apodemus peninsulae) and striped field mice (apodemus agrarius) were captured in jilin province, china, where haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) is endemic. hantavirus antigens were detected in eight of the 130 a. peninsulae individuals and in four of the 193 a. agrarius individuals by using an immunofluorescence assay. partial s and m segments were amplified from all of the antigen-positive samp ...200717374775
a new hantaan-like virus in rodents (apodemus peninsulae) from northeastern china.lung tissue samples of 76 korean field mice (apodemus peninsulae) collected from northeastern china bordering with far east russia and korea were detected for hantavirus partial m-segment or entire s-segment sequences by rt-pcr and 481-nt mitochondrial dna fragment of the rodents. four a. peninsulae mice were found positive for partial m-segment of hantavirus. sequence analyses of partial m-segment or/and entire s-segment of the hantaviruses revealed that three were closely related to hantaan vi ...200717624464
[identification of amur like virus in apodemus peninsulae and its molecular characteristics in china].to confirm the existence of amur-like viruses in apodemus peninsulae in china, and to understand the molecular characteristics of these viruses.200717877180
[characterization of s gene of a strain of hantavirus isolated from apodemus peninsulae in heilongjiang province].in order to study the molecular characterization of the hantavirus isolated from apodemus peninsulae in heilongjiang province, the s gene of a new strain na33 was amplified, sequenced and analyzed. the results showed that the complete nucleotide sequence of the s gene of na33 strain was composed of 1 693 nucleotides with ta-rich. the s gene contained one orf, starting at position 37 and ending at position 1 326, encoding the n protein of 429 amino acid residues, and in line with htn-based coding ...201223233926
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