haemoproteus greineri in wood ducks from the atlantic flyway.thin smears of blood were examined from 157 wood ducks (aix sponsa) trapped at savannah national wildlife refuge (south carolina, usa) and harris neck national wildlife refuge (georgia, usa) during spring and summer, 1994 and 1995. thirteen wood ducks (8%) were infected with blood parasites. eleven of these birds were infected with haemoproteus nettionis, seven with leucocytozoon simondi, and five with unidentified microfilariae. additionally, eight wood ducks (5%) were infected with haemoproteu ...19979131576
hematozoa of wood ducks (aix spons) in the atlantic flyway.a total of 213 wood ducks (aix sponsa) from 24 localities in 12 states in the atlantic flyway was examined for blood parasites in 1976 and 1977. hematozoa were present in birds from every collection site from virginia northward to maine. only one infection was detected in birds from north carolina southward to florida. haemoproteus nettionis was the most common parasite, occurring in 56% of the northern wood ducks; leucocytozoon simondi (20%), plasmodium circumflexum (6%), and microfilariae (18% ...19806774111
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