piscinoodinium pillulare (schäperclaus, 1954) lom, 1981 (dinoflagellida) infection in cultivated freshwater fish from the northeast region of sao paulo state, brazil. parasitological and pathological aspects.the aquaculture center of unesp, jaboticabal, sp, brazil, received fishes for diagnosis from fish farmers reporting fish crowding at pond edges and in water inlets. fifty-three out of 194 cases showed round to oval, immobile whitish structures, measuring up to 162 microm diameter, identified as the dinoflagellate piscinoodinium pillulare. in 34 diagnosed cases the parasites were present in the gills, in 2 on body surface, and 9 in both. thirty-one out of 53 were tambacu hybrids hosts; 7, piaract ...200212071320
[seasonal distribution of gill parasites in fishes from fee-fishing at guariba, são paulo state, brazil].this study was accomplished with the objective of knowing the seasonal distribution of the main species of parasites causes of branchial damages to the fish from fee-fishing at guariba, state of são paulo. this city is situated at 21 degrees 15'22'' s, 48 degrees 18'58'' w, in altitude 595 meters. this research was conducted between april, 1997 to march, 1999. from 408 fishes examined, 29.1% of them were infested by the protozoans e metazoans. leporinus macrocephalus showed the highest parasitis ...200516445870
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