[differentiation by geometric morphometrics among 11 anopheles (nyssorhynchus) in colombia].the correct identification of the anopheles species of the subgenus nyssorhynchus is important because this subgenus includes the main malaria vectors in colombia. this information is necessary for focusing a malaria control program.200819034360
[egg morphology as an indirect method to identify anopheles benarrochi, anopheles oswaldoi and anopheles rangeli (diptera: culicidae)].in the department of putumayo in southern colombia, malaria transmission has continued in the absence of the 4 traditional latin american vector species--anopheles darlingi, anopheles nuneztovari, anopheles albimanus or anopheles trinkae. human bait collections yielded anopheles mosquitoes and a morphological variant of anopheles benarrochi, the adult females of which can easily be misidentified as anopheles oswaldoi. species identification of females of anopheles in the subgenus nyssorhynchus i ...200314968916
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