plasmodium vivax polymorphs and plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite proteins in anopheles (diptera: culicidae) from belize, central america.eight species of anopheles mosquitoes from indoor/outdoor human landing collections in belize, central america, were examined for human plasmodium circumsporozoite protein (csp) using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). a total of 14 of 9,104 females tested were positive from general surveys throughout belize and three of 11,966 were positive from a longitudinal study in caledonia, northern belize. elisa results, using pooled head-thorax preparations and species-specific monoclonal ant ...200011217218
comparison of life table attributes from newly established colonies of anopheles albimanus and anopheles vestitipennis in northern belize.a life table study was conducted for recently established colonies of anopheles albimanus and anopheles vestitipennis in belize, central america. the colonies were reared in the northern orange walk district under uncontrolled environmental conditions (29-32 degrees c, 87-90% rh, and 13:11 l:d photoperiod). the mean time of larval development for an. albimanus was 10.8 days for males and 11.7 days for females. mean times for an. vestitipennis larval development were 11.3 days for males and 13.5 ...200314714669
evaluation of habitat management strategies for the reduction of malaria vectors in northern belize.mowing and burning of emergent vegetation were evaluated as potential management strategies for the control of the malaria vector, anopheles vestitipennis, in northern belize, central america. the primary aim was reduction of tall dense macrophytes (dominated by typha domingensis) as preferred larval habitat for an. vestitipennis. nine experimental plots were established in a typha marsh in orange walk district, belize. three plots were burned, three were treated by subaquatic mowing, and three ...200516599158
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