pterygodermatites (paucipectines) jägerskiöldi (nematoda: rictulariidae) from gracilinanus agilis and g. microtarsus (marsupialia: didelphidae) in brazilian pantanal and atlantic forest by light and scanning electron microscopy.pterygodermatites (paucipectines) jägerskiöldi lent and freitas, 1935, a parasitic nematode of the small intestine of the marsupial gracilinanus agilis (mammalia: didelphidae) from the pantanal of mato grosso do sul state, and g. microtarsus from atlantic forest of rio de janeiro state, brazil, were analyzed by light and scanning electron microscopy. details of the surface topography such as the oral aperture, cephalic papillae, 2 papillae in posterior end, and longitudinal cuticular elements re ...200717539409
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