ultraviolet-induced responses in two species of climax tropical marine tropical regions nominal reductions in stratospheric ozone could be detrimental to marine organisms that live near their upper tolerance levels of ultraviolet (uv) radiation and temperature. well-known plant responses to uv include inhibition of photosynthesis, reductions in chlorophyll content, morphological changes and production of uv absorbing compounds such as flavonoids. an assessment of the effects and responses of two tropical marine macrophytes to full solar radiation and solar radia ...200111693367
food web structure in exotic and native mangroves: a hawaii-puerto rico comparison.plant invasions can fundamentally alter detrital inputs and the structure of detritus-based food webs. we examined the detrital pathways in mangrove food webs in native (puerto rican) and introduced (hawaiian) rhizophora mangle forests using a dual isotope approach and a mixing model. based on trophic-level fractionation of 0-1 per thousand for delta(13)c and 2-3 per thousand for delta(15)n, among the invertebrates, only nematodes, oligochaetes, and nereid polychaetes from native mangroves exhib ...200717587064
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