acari ectoparasites of bats from minas gerais, brazil.ectoparasites were recovered from brazilian bats captured from april to november 1997 at or near parque estadual do rio doce, state of minas gerais, southeastern brazil. sixty bats were collected, representing three families and 13 species. five acari families were recorded: myobiidae, trombiculidae, labidocarpidae, macronyssidae, and spinturnicidae. the macronyssid radfordiella desmodi radovsky (71 specimens) and the spinturnicid periglichrus iheringi oudemans (45 specimens) were the most abund ...200212061455
genetic characterization of rabies virus isolated from bovines and equines between 2007 and 2008, in the states of são paulo and minas gerais.rabies is an acute disease of the central nervous system and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans, wild animals and livestock, particularly cattle, as well as causing major economic losses. this study describes the genetic characterization of rabies virus variants that circulate in desmodus rotundus populations and are transmitted to herbivores.201020464137
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