the effects of infant births on male-female relationships in cebus capucinus.most primates are characterized by cohesive male-female bonds that are maintained year round. while recent studies have addressed the selective pressures influencing the evolution of male-female relationships in primates, we know relatively little about the proximate mechanisms affecting them. it has been demonstrated that newborn white-faced capuchins (cebus capucinus) attract the attention of other group members and this may be an important mechanism influencing male-female relationships. we s ...200919235758
hormonal correlates of male life history stages in wild white-faced capuchin monkeys (cebus capucinus).much attention has been paid to hormonal variation in relation to male dominance status and reproductive seasonality, but we know relatively little about how hormones vary across life history stages. here we examine fecal testosterone (ft), dihydrotestosterone (fdht), and glucocorticoid (fgc) profiles across male life history stages in wild white-faced capuchins (cebus capucinus). study subjects included 37 males residing in three habituated social groups in the área de conservacíon guanacaste, ...201424184868
the association of intergroup encounters, dominance status, and fecal androgen and glucocorticoid profiles in wild male white-faced capuchins (cebus capucinus).androgens play a role in male reproductive competition, frequently via aggression, while glucocorticoids are associated with the stress response. however, the relationships of these hormones with different sources of competition (intra- vs. intergroup) and dominance status are highly variable. here, we consider the fecal androgen (fa) and glucocorticoid (fgc) profiles of alpha and subordinate male cebus capucinus in the context of intergroup competition during a rare period of low intragroup com ...201323090872
the effects of observer presence on the behavior of cebus capucinus in costa rica.we report on the responses of cebus capucinus in the santa rosa sector of the area de conservación guanacaste, costa rica, to the presence of observers over a 4-week period. study groups were habituated to different degrees: (1) cerco de piedra (cp): continuous observations began in 1984; (2) exclosure (ex): focus of an 18-month study on males from 1998 to 1999; and (3) nbh: never studied/followed but the group frequently encounters researchers. we collected three types of data: group scans (gro ...200818076061
rise to power: a case study of male fecal androgen and cortisol levels before and after a non-aggressive rank change in a group of wild white-faced capuchins (cebus capucinus).we examined fecal androgen and cortisol levels in three adult male white-faced capuchin monkeys (cebus capucinus) before and after a non-aggressive rank increase in one habituated group residing in the santa rosa sector of the área de conservación guanacaste, costa rica. fecal samples (n = 116) were collected opportunistically between july 2006 and july 2007. alpha males had higher mean androgen levels than subordinates, and acquisition of the alpha position was linked to an immediate increase i ...201122488354
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