proteomic study of the effects of complex environmental stresses in the livers of goldfish (carassius auratus) that inhabit gaobeidian lake in beijing, china.recent advances in proteomics have provided an excellent opportunity to understand biological adaptation under complex environmental stress at the protein level. gaobeidian lake, located in beijing, china, is characterized by complex environmental stresses by serving as both the effluent of a wastewater treatment plant and a coolant of a nearby thermal power plant. liver is the primary organ of energy metabolism and xenobiotic detoxification. to further our understanding of how organisms that li ...200818080750
identification of differentially expressed genes from contaminant and thermal exposed goldfish carassius auratus in gaobeidian lake in beijing, china.gaobeidian lake, located in beijing, china, derives its water mainly from the effluent of the gaobeidian wastewater treatment plant, which is moderately polluted. additionally, as this water is used as a coolant in the nearby thermal power plant, the water of this lake has an elevated temperature. to screen differential gene expression in gaobeidian lake, suppressive subtractive hybridization (ssh) methodology was performed on rna in goldfish carassius auratus hepatic tissues from the lake, usin ...200717624611
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