distribution of ligulid tapeworms in china.a survey of ligulid tapeworms carried out from 1979 through 1985 covered 29 provinces and autonomous regions in china. of the 25,800 fishes of 219 species that were dissected, fishes of 43 species were found to serve as second intermediate hosts. these tapeworms inflict heavy losses on freshwater commercial fisheries. their distribution indicates 3 distinct major zones: the qing zang gaoyuan is dominated by ligula; the rest of china, with the exception of a crescent area in guangdong province bo ...19873572664
metacercaria infection status of fishborne zoonotic trematodes, except for clonorchis sinensis in fish from the heilongjiang province, investigate the metacercarial infections of fishborne zoonotic trematodes (fzt), a total of 6815 freshwater fish (in representing 13 species of 5 families) were collected from songhua river (n = 2636), nenjiang river (n = 1935), mudanjiang river (n = 301), and other lakes or ponds (n = 1943) in 36 representative regions in heilongjiang province, china, from august 2012 to december 2015. metacercariae of four fzt species, that is, clonorchis sinensis, metorchis orientalis, isthmiophora hortens ...201728737961
prevalence of clonorchis sinensis infection in freshwater fishes in northeastern china.the prevalence of clonorchis sinensis infection in freshwater fishes was surveyed in heilongjiang province, northeastern china, between august 2011 and september 2013. thirteen species of freshwater fish (n=3221) and one species of shrimp (n=93) were collected from songhua river, nenjiang river and other lakes or ponds in 37 sites of 15 representative cities in heilongjiang province. they were individually examined by digestion technique, and the c. sinensis metacercariae were identified morphol ...201424880648
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