the endophytic mycoflora of bark, leaf, and stem tissues of azadirachta indica a. juss (neem) from varanasi (india).a systematic study was made of the endophytes of azadirachta indica a. juss (the neem tree) growing in several of its natural habitats in india. a total of 233 isolates of endophytic fungi representing 18 fungal taxa were obtained from segments of bark, stem, and leaves of this tree. hyphomycetes (62.2%) were the most prevalent followed by the coelomycetes (27.4%) and mycelia sterilia (7.7%). as mathematically determined, the maximum species richness and frequency of colonization of endophytes a ...200717394041
assessment of air pollution tolerance index of some trees in moradabad city, see the relative tolerance of the plant species, ten different plant species i.e. ficus rumphii, pongamia pinnata, alstonia scholaris, holoptelea integrifolia, saraca indica, pithecolobium dulcis, cassia simea, bauhinia variegata, azadirachta indica and grewelia robusta was taken from residential (si), industrial (sii) and commercial (siii) area of the city as this florais very much common to the brass city and is planted on the roadside. the quality of air with respect to spm, so2 and no2 ha ...200920120494
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