degradation of populus euphratica community in the lower reaches of the tarim river, xinjiang, investigate the relationships between the degradation of plant community and groundwater level in the lower reaches of the tarim river, nine monitored sections were set along the main stream, where there had been no runoff for nearly 30 years. the characteristics of plant communities were analyzed. it was found that the coverage of trees gradually decreased along the groundwater depth gradient, while the coverage of shrubs slightly increased rather than decreased at first and then gradually d ...200516312995
[geography and host distribution of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever in the tarim basin].to determine the infective status and natural distribution of xinjiang hemorrhagic fever (xhf; crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever, cchf) in ticks, rodents and livestock in the tarim basin.200617415983
age structure and growth of degraded populus euphratica floodplain forests in north-west china and perspectives for their recovery.the populus euphratica floodplain forests along the lower reaches of the tarim river in continental-arid xinjiang (north-west china) have been declining in recent decades as a result of dam constructions and the withdrawal of water from the river. since 2000, controlled flooding has been carried out to counteract this process of degradation. however, the consequences of a changing water regime for the floodplain ecosystem are not yet sufficiently investigated. in 2004 we sampled a total of 150 p ...200818713421
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