growth responses of populus tremuloides clones to interacting elevated carbon dioxide and tropospheric ozone.the intergovernmental panel of climate change (ipcc) has concluded that the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (co2) and tropospheric ozone (o3) are increasing concomitantly globally. little is known about the effect of these interacting gases on growth, survival, and productivity of forest ecosystems. in this study we assess the effects of three successive years of exposure to combinations of elevated co2 and o3 on growth responses in a five trembling aspen (populus tremuloides) clonal mixture in ...200111789918
consequences of elevated carbon dioxide and ozone for foliar chemical composition and dynamics in trembling aspen (populus tremuloides) and paper birch (betula papyrifera).atmospheric chemical composition affects foliar chemical composition, which in turn influences the dynamics of both herbivory and decomposition in ecosystems. we assessed the independent and interactive effects of co2 and o3 fumigation on foliar chemistry of quaking aspen (populus tremuloides) and paper birch (betula papyrifera) at a free-air co2 enrichment (face) facility in northern wisconsin. leaf samples were collected at five time periods during a single growing season, and analyzed for nit ...200111789920
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