genetic diversity of rhizobia associated with vicia faba in three ecological regions of china.great genetic diversity was revealed among 75 rhizobal isolates associated with vicia faba grown in chinese fields with aflp, ardra, 16s rdna sequencing, dna-dna hybridization, box-pcr and rflp of pcr-amplified nodd and nodc. most of the isolates were rhizobium leguminosarum, and six isolates belonged to an unnamed rhizobium species. in the homogeneity analysis, the isolates were grouped into three clusters corresponding to (1) autumn sowing (subtropical) region where the winter ecotype of v. fa ...200717479251
molecular variation among chinese and global winter faba bean germplasm.a sample of winter faba bean germplasm from china was compared with germplasm from outside china, using aflp analyses. both sets of germplasm were obtained from the national genebank of china, institute of crop sciences (ics), chinese academy of agricultural sciences, beijing, china. a sample of 39 winter type accessions from outside of china and 204 chinese landraces and varieties (201 winter types and 3 spring types) were characterized with 10 aflp primers. these detected 266 polymorphic bands ...200919169661
crop diversity for yield increase.traditional farming practices suggest that cultivation of a mixture of crop species in the same field through temporal and spatial management may be advantageous in boosting yields and preventing disease, but evidence from large-scale field testing is limited. increasing crop diversity through intercropping addresses the problem of increasing land utilization and crop productivity. in collaboration with farmers and extension personnel, we tested intercropping of tobacco, maize, sugarcane, potato ...200919956624
genotoxicity of water samples from dianchi lake detected by the vicia faba micronucleus test.dianchi lake covers about a 300 km2 area. kunming city on the edge of the lake is surrounded by industrial establishments. farm land surrounds the remaining areas of the lake. the lake water is polluted by the kunming city municipal sewage from 3 million inhabitants, the industrial effluent and farm runoff. water samples were collected from 12 sites along the shore of the lake during the dry (may) and rainy (august) seasons for genotoxicity testing with the vicia micronucleus assay during the ye ...199910350583
[effect of agroforestry model on inhibition of oncomelania snails in plateau mountainous area of yunnan province].to evaluate the effect of agroforestry models on the inhibition of oncomelania snails in the plateau mountainous area of yunnan province.201223373253
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