anopheles barbirostris/campestris as a probable vector of malaria in aranyaprathet, sa kaeo a result of dramatic increase in malaria cases in sa kaeo province from 666 cases in 1995 to 4,381 in 1997, a brief entomological study was carried out during january 1998 to december, 1999 in pa rai subdistrict where most malaria cases were reported. of fourteen species of mosquitos found, only anopheles barbirostris group was the most abundant species throughout the year. adult identification was not able to confirm species within an. barbirostris group, particularly between an. barbirostri ...200112041547
potential for anopheles campestris (diptera: culicidae) to transmit malaria parasites in pa rai subdistrict (aranyaprathet, sa kaeo province), thailand.member(s) of the anopheles barbirostris group reid, particularly anopheles barbirostris and anopheles campestris reid are the suspected vectors of plasmodium vivax in pa rai (aranyaprathet, sa kaeo province). to determine if an. barbirostris, an. campestris, or both, are present in pa rai and to determine their potential to transmit malaria, a field and laboratory study was conducted. isofemale colonizations of wild caught mosquitoes captured by landing catches were made for species confirmation ...200212144288
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