[allelopathy of aqueous extract from ligularia virgaurea, a dominant weed in psychro-grassland, on pasture plants].ligularia virgaurea is a noxious weed widely distributed in the alpine grassland of east qinghai-tibet plateau of china. this paper studied the allelopathy of its aqueous extract on the pasture plants festuca sinensis, bromus magnus, elymus nutans, poa annua, and f. ovina in the region. the mean response index (ri) values of the pasture plants were calculated, and used to quantitatively assess the allelopathic sensitivity of the receptors at three levels, i. e., growth items, development stages, ...200616883813
[genetic diversity of gliadin in wild germplasm of elymus nutans griseb].acid polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (a-page) was used to detect the gliadin genetic polymorphism among thirty-three wild accessions of elymus nutans griseb collected from four provinces and regions in china (xinjiang, qinghai, sichuan and tibet). the follows results were obtained. (1) a total of 38 bands were detected in all accessions, 92.1% were polymorphic bands. the average number of shannon index to four electrophoretic zones was 0.55. the nei's genetic similarity coefficient of the tes ...200616818433
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