[a study on the transmission of plague though seven kinds of fleas in rat type and wild rodent type plague foci in yunnan].in order to assess vector position and vector action of seven kinds of fleas in the rat type and wild rodent type plague foci in yunnan, we studied the indices as: infection rate, rate of feed bacterial emboli, colony transmission vector efficiency, life-span, bloodthirsty to human, body weight, quantity of blood-sucking, rate of dissociation by using animal model and raise film method. the results showed that xenopsylla cheopis and neopsylla specialis specialis were the main vectors of two type ...19979812528
[study of chigger communities on major species of rodents in yunnan province].to understand the characteristics of the chigger communities on the major species of rodent hosts.200617366968
ectoparasites of chevrier's field mouse, apodemus chevrieri, in a focus of plague in southwest china.chevrier's field mouse, apodemus chevrieri milne-edwards (rodentia: muridae), has been identified as the main wild reservoir of plague in the sylvatic plague focus of yunnan province, southwest china. here, the ectoparasite communities of a. chevrieri and the potential medical and veterinary importance of these ectoparasites are described. a high proportion (66%) of 321 mice were found to be infested with ectoparasites. a total of 81 species of ectoparasite, including 48 species of chigger mite, ...200717897372
[genotyping and its epidemiological significance on yunnan yersinia pestis under fse i enzyme digestion method].to create the fingerprint library of yunnan yersinia pestis by pulse field gel electrophoresis(pfge)with fse i enzyme digestion method and to study its epidemiological significance.201424739561
[research on the area distribution and host selection of leptotrombidium scutellare in 19 counties of yunnan province].in order to investigate the area distribution and host selection of leptotrombidium scutellare in yunnan province, a field survey was carried out during 2001 to 2009, based on different geographic location, topography, climate and ecological characteristics. a total of 16 491 l. scutellare were captured from the body surface of 9 838 small mammal hosts of 7 families, 18 genera, and 30 species in 4 orders, accounted for 17.73% (16,491/92,990) of all chigger mites collected. l. scutellare distribu ...201124830206
detection of kobe-type and otsu-type babesia microti in wild rodents in china's yunnan province.babesiosis is an emerging tick-transmitted zoonosis prevalent in large parts of the world. this study was designed to determine the rates of babesia microti infection among small rodents in yunnan province, where human cases of babesiosis have been reported. currently, distribution of babesia in its endemic regions is largely unknown. in this study, we cataloged 1672 small wild rodents, comprising 4 orders, from nine areas in western yunnan province between 2009 and 2011. babesia microti dna was ...201728803569
detection of alpha- and betacoronaviruses in rodents from yunnan, china.rodents represent the most diverse mammals on the planet and are important reservoirs of human pathogens. coronaviruses infect various animals, but to date, relatively few coronaviruses have been identified in rodents worldwide. the evolution and ecology of coronaviruses in rodent have not been fully investigated.201728549438
landscapes with different biodiversity influence distribution of small mammals and their ectoparasitic chigger mites: a comparative study from southwest china.from a previous field investigation in yunnan, southwest china between 2001 and 2015, we selected two types of landscapes to make a retrospectively comparative study on the distribution of small mammals and their ectoparasitic chigger mites. one landscape is "mountainous uncultivated land (mul)" with higher biodiversity, which is located in a famous "world nature heritage site", the three-parallel-rivers region in the northwest of yunnan. the other is "cultivated flatland landscape (cfl)" with l ...201829364908
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