species of gorgoderina (digenea: gorgoderidae) in rana vaillanti and rana cf. forreri (anura: ranidae) from guanacaste, costa rica, including a description of a new species.gorgoderina parvicava, g. diaster, and g. megacetabularis n. sp. are reported inhabiting the urinary bladders of rana vaillanti and r. cf. forreri from northwestern costa rica. gorgoderina megacetabularis n. sp. differs from all other species of the genus by the combination of the following characters: small body size (2.78-3.17, mean 2.92 mm), sucker ratio (1:3.1-3.7), and by the presence of 2 compact, oval, unlobed vitelline masses. redescription of g. diaster including previously undescribed ...200515986616
halipegus eschi n. sp. (digenea: hemiuridae) in rana vaillanti from guanacaste province, costa rica.halipegus eschi n. sp. is described from the esophagus of rana vaillanti from guanacaste province, costa rica. the new species differs from other known species of halipegus on the basis of relative testis size, lateral extent of the uterus, vitelline follicle arrangement, egg size, and polar filament length.200011128489
ophiotaenia bonneti sp. n. (eucestoda: proteocephalidea), a parasite of rana vaillanti (anura: ranidae) in costa rica.ophiotaenia bonneti sp. n. is described from the intestine of the frog rana vaillanti brocchi, 1877 (anura: ranidae) from san gerardo, guanacaste, costa rica. the new species is characterized by the testes 100-177 in number, the genital pores situated anteriorly, the osmoregulatory canals overlapping the testis field, the cirrus pouch length as 15-24% of proglottis width, and the uterus with 18-32 ramified diverticula on each side. it differs from the 23 known species of the genus ophiotaenia la ...200616898126
the blood parasites of anurans from costa rica with reflections on the taxonomy of their trypanosomes.during may 1997, specimens of 7 species of anurans, that included 5 phrynohyas venulosa laurenti, 5 rana forreri boulenger, 7 rana vaillanti brucchi, 6 eleutherodactylus fitzingeri schimdt, 4 smilisca baudinii duméril and bibron, 1 leptodactylus melanonotus, and 3 bufo marinus linneaus, from the guanacaste conservation area, costa rica were examined for blood parasites. their hematozoan fauna included intraerythrocytic and intraleukocytic icosahedral viruses, a rickettsia (aegyptianella sp.), 2 ...200111227883
morphological and molecular description of haematoloechus meridionalis n. sp. (digenea: plagiorchioidea: haematoloechidae) from rana vaillanti brocchi of guanacaste, costa undescribed species of haematoloechus inhabits the lungs of rana vaillanti in northwestern costa rica. the new species is most similar morphologically to h. medioplexus, having a very small, but well-developed, ventral sucker and lacking extracecal uterine loops, and apparently was mis-identified previously as h. medioplexus in rana palmipes from colombia. it differs from h. medioplexus, notably by (1) the shape of the oral sucker, which is elliptical in h. meridionalis and spherical in h. me ...200111780832
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