'candidatus liberibacter americanus', associated with citrus huanglongbing (greening disease) in são paulo state, brazil.symptoms of huanglongbing (hlb) were reported in são paulo state (sps), brazil, in march 2004. in asia, hlb is caused by 'candidatus liberibacter asiaticus' and in africa by 'candidatus liberibacter africanus'. detection of the liberibacters is based on pcr amplification of their 16s rrna gene with specific primers. leaves with blotchy mottle symptoms characteristic of hlb were sampled in several farms of sps and tested for the presence of liberibacters. 'ca. l. asiaticus' was detected in a smal ...200516166678
citrus huanglongbing in são paulo state, brazil: pcr detection of the 'candidatus' liberibacter species associated with the disease.symptoms of huanglongbing (hlb), one of the most serious diseases of citrus in asia and africa, have been noticed in march 2004 in the araraquara region of são paulo state, brazil. hlb has not been reported previously from america. the causal hlb bacteria, candidatus liberibacter africanus in africa and candidatus liberibacter asiaticus in asia, can be detected in symptomatic citrus leaves by pcr amplification of their 16s rdna with previously described primers. when this technique was applied t ...200515797817
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