pictorial key to the adults of hard ticks, family ixodidae (ixodida: ixodoidea), east of the mississippi river.six genera and 27 species of hard ticks (ixodidae) currently are recognized in the united states east of the mississippi river as follows: amblyomma (4 species), boophilus (1), dermacentor (3), haemaphysalis (2), ixodes (16), and rhipicephalus (1). we present a diagrammatic couplet key to the adults of the six genera and 27 species of ixodidae found in the eastern portion of the united states.19892795615
rhipicephalus sanguineus: vector of a new spotted fever group rickettsia in the united states.a rickettsia related to but distinct from the spotted fever agent, rickettsia rickettsii, has been detected in 167 (18.9%) of 884 rhipicephalus sanguineus taken off dogs in central and northern mississippi. the organisms could readily be isolated in male meadow voles (microtus pennsylvanicus), where it produced massive infections in the tissues of tunica vaginalis. it was practically nonpathogenic for male guinea pigs, although inoculation of these animals with infected tunica vaginalis of voles ...1975806533
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