[toxic effects and in vitro inefficacy of deltamethrin on larvae of rhipicephalus sanguineus from goiânia, goiás, brazil].it has been observed that formulations of deltamethrin developed for disinsectization of infested places and control of parasitic arthropods of bovines and equines have frequently been used by breeders of dogs to control ticks in their animals and kennels, but without due consideration of the correct dosage or means of application. with the purpose of evaluating the efficacy of this product on rhipicephalus sanguineus, bioassays were realized with larvae at 27+/-1 degrees c, ur>80% and light per ...200111391437
tick fauna from two locations in the brazilian savannah.the cerrado is brazil's tropical savannah, which is arguably under greater threat than the amazon rainforest. the cerrado biome of tropical south america covers about 2 million km(2) and is considered a biodiversity hot spot which means that it is especially rich in endemic species and particularly threatened by human activities. the cerrado is increasingly exposed to agricultural activities which enhance the likelihood of mixing parasites from rural, urban and wildlife areas. information about ...200717828441
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