ticks infesting domestic animals in italy: current acarological studies carried out in sardinia and basilicata regions.the note reviews published and unpublished data on acaralogical studies carried out by different parasitologists' groups in sardinia and basilicata regions. in sardinia 72 collecting sites were investigated and a total of 4,086 ticks were collected from hosts (cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) and from soil. so far 2,413 ticks belonging to six genera have been identified: rhipicephalus (67.2%), haemaphysalis (24.1%), hyalomma (2.7%), boophilus (0.7%), dermacentor (4.9%), ixodes (0.3%). host-associa ...199911071541
epidemiology of bovine tick-borne diseases in southern italy.this investigation was carried out in an area covering part of three southern italian regions: campania, basilicata and apulia. eighty-one farms were involved using the formula suggested by thrusfield; they were equally distributed over the area which was subdivided into 81 geo-referenced sub-areas. in may and june 1999 from a total of 506 cattle, older than 18 months, blood-samples were taken and ticks were collected and identified. serum samples were tested for antibodies of bahesia bigemina, ...200212199369
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