acarological studies in two protected areas of central the present note are reported the results of preliminary studies on tick distribution in two wildlife areas of abruzzo (national park of abruzzo, a mountainous area, approximately 40,000 ha, in central apennines, interesting abruzzo, latium and molise regions) and latium (capocotta-castel porziano presidential reserve, on the tyrrhenian coast, 30 km from rome). sampling of ticks from domestic and wild mammals as well as from vegetation, was performed in three different areas of the national p ...199911071544
tick-borne diseases in ruminants of central and southern italy: epidemiology and case reports.sera and blood from cattle and sheep were examined for the presence of babesia and theileria spp by microscopy and serology at the parasitology department of the istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale of abruzzo and molise (izsam). of the 47 bovine herds (323 animals) tested, 15 were found positive for babesia bigemina and 1 for babesia bovis. two outbreaks occurred, one caused by b. bigemina and one by b. bovis. the b. bigemina outbreak occurred in abruzzo and has been followed for two years. th ...199911071553
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