epidemiology and control of anaplasmosis in australia.anaplasmosis occurs in those areas of northern and eastern australia infested by the cattle tick boophilus microplus but it has been studied intensively only in queensland. anaplasmosis is predominantly a disease of autumn and winter and of cattle greater than 1 year of age. the complement fixation test has been used in serological surveys of the tick-infested areas of the state. both clinical and subclinical infections occur only in tick-infested areas and they are both more frequent in bos tau ...1979553977
productivity and health effects of anaplasmosis and babesiosis on bos indicus cattle and their crosses, and the effects of differing intensity of tick control in australia.tick fever is an important disease of cattle where rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus acts as a vector for the three causal organisms babesia bovis, babesia bigemina and anaplasma marginale. bos indicus cattle and their crosses are more resistant to the clinical effects of infection with b. bovis and b. bigemina than are bos taurus cattle. resistance is not complete, however, and herds of b. indicus-cross cattle are still at risk of babesiosis in environments where exposure to b. bovis is light ...200818472219
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