isolation of ganjam virus from ticks collected off domestic animals around pune, maharashtra, india.studies on viruses of zoonotic importance in certain villages around pune were undertaken between december 2000 and january 2002. a total of 1,138 adult ticks belonging to six different species were collected off domestic animals and processed for virus isolation. six virus isolates were obtained. all six isolates were identified as ganjam virus by quick complement fixation test and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction using rna nucleocapsid gene amplification. five isolates were from ...200515799531
tick-borne rickettsioses in pune district, maharashtra, extensive study on tick-borne rickettsioses in the pune district of maharashtra revealed that indian tick typhus exists as a zoonosis, which only occasionally causes disease in man. by sero-conversion in guinea pigs, presumptive isolates of rickettsia conori and coxiella burnetii were recovered from 4 of the 11 species of ticks examined. boophilus microplus and rhipicephalus haemaphysalis were found to be harbouring r. conori whereas c. burnetii was isolated from haemaphysalis intermedia and ...19846500861
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