two new species of ticks from southern africa whose adults parasitize the feet of ungulates: rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. and rhipicephalus neumanni n. sp. (ixodoidea, ixodidae).theiler & robinson (1953) described, as rhipicephalus follis dönitz, 1910, a tick species originating from dordrecht, eastern cape province. a comparison of this tick with the syntypes of r. follis has now shown, though, that these 2 entities are different and it is therefore redescribed below as rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. its adults parasitize sheep and various wild ungulates, attaching primarily on their feet. the hosts of the immature stages are still unknown. it has now been recorded fr ...19902338999
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxxv. ixodid ticks and bot fly larvae in the bontebok national park.ixodid ticks were collected during february of each year from 1983-1992 from bontebok and grey rhebok in the bontebok national park, western cape province. when available other mammals as well as ground-nesting birds and leopard tortoises were examined. eleven tick species were recovered. rhipicephalus nitens followed by rhipicephalus glabroscutatum and an ixodes sp. (near i. pilosus) were the most abundant, while amblyomma marmoreum infested the widest host range. the larvae of three bot files ...19989809325
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xliii. ixodid ticks of domestic dogs and cats in the western cape province.ticks were collected at monthly intervals for 16 consecutive months from individual dogs by their owners in or close to the town of stellenbosch, western cape province. they were also collected for 27 consecutive months from dogs presented for a variety of reasons at three veterinary clinics in stellenbosch, and from dogs upon admission to an animal welfare shelter. at one of the veterinary clinics ticks were also collected from cats. dog owners collected six ixodid species from their pets and t ...200314621314
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxi. arthropod parasites of vaal ribbok, bontebok and scrub hares in the western cape province.vaal ribbok (pelea capreolus), bontebok (damaliscus dorcas dorcas) and scrub hares (lepus saxatilis) were slaughtered in the bontebok national park at regular intervals and examined for arthropod parasites. twelve species of ixodid ticks were recovered; the antelope each harboured 9 species and the hares 11. rhipicephalus nitens was the most prevalent and most abundant tick. the vaal ribbok also harboured large numbers of ixodes pilosus and the bontebok fairly large numbers of rhipicephalus glab ...19863796942
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