factors influencing the distribution of questing ticks and the prevalence estimation of t. parva infection in brown ear ticks in the tanga region, tanzania.questing ticks from various districts and agro-ecological zones (aez) in the tanga region of tanzania were studied for a two-year period between september 1999 and july 2001. collections of both nymphal and adult ticks occurred at 29 sites using a blanket or white cloth dragging technique. the species recorded in the order of decreasing abundance were rhipicephalus appendiculatus, boophilus spp., and ambylomma variegatum. rhipicephalus appendiculatus field infestation levels varied across admini ...200617249338
risk factors for tick attachment to smallholder dairy cattle in tanzania.a cross-sectional study was conducted in tanga and iringa regions of tanzania, and a longitudinal study in tanga, to investigate tick-control methods and other factors influencing tick attachment to the cattle of smallholder dairy farms. most farmers reported applying acaricides at intervals of 1-2 weeks, most used acaricides that require on-farm dilution and most farmers incorrectly diluted the acaricides. rhipicephalus appendiculatus and boophilus spp. ticks were those most-frequently encounte ...200415737429
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