nematode infestation of fillets from atlantic cod, gadus morhua, off eastern canada.the prevalence and intensity of larval nematodes in fillets of atlantic cod, gadus morhua, were examined and compared with similar data from a previous survey conducted about 30 yr ago. anisakis simplex occurred more often in the nape of the fillet, whereas pseudoterranova decipiens was the predominant species in napeless fillets. the results suggest an increase in both the prevalence and intensity of p. decipiens in fillets of cod, especially those originating from the gulf of st. lawrence and ...19883193325
molecular detection and characterization of nodavirus in several marine fish species from the northeastern atlantic.nodaviruses (nnv) are responsible for causing disease outbreaks mainly in hatchery-reared larvae and juveniles of a wide variety of fishes throughout the world. this disease has seriously limited the culture of marine fishes over the last decade. in the atlantic provinces of canada, disease caused by a nodavirus was first reported in juvenile atlantic cod being reared in nova scotia, in 1999. more recently, disease outbreaks caused by nodavirus have been identified in hatchery-reared atlantic co ...200415672873
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