didelphis marsupialis: a primary reservoir of trypanosoma cruzi in urban areas of caracas, blood examination and xenodiagnosis of 45 sylvatic, peridomestic or domestic mammals from the caracas valley, venezuela, revealed trypanosome infection in six of the 24 opossums, didelphis marsupialis, collected in urban areas. isolates were successfully made of trypanosomes from four of the opossums, using the parasites which developed in rhodnius prolixus fed on the infected opossums to infect nmri mice. the prepatent period, course of parasitaemia, morphology of bloodstream trypomastig ...19921304702
didelphis marsupialis: reservoir of babesia brasiliensis in the valley of caracas (venezuela). 19911843558
trypanosoma cruzi in the anal glands of urban opossums. i--isolation and experimental infections.opossums (didelphis marsupialis) captured in intensely urbanized areas of the city of caracas, venezuela, were found infected with trypanosoma cruzi. the developmental cycle of trypomastigote-epimastigote-metacyclic infective trypomastigote, usually occurring in the intestine of the triatomine vector, was taking place in the anal odoriferous glands of the opossums. material from the glands, inoculated in young, healthy opossums and white mice by different routes, subcutaneously, intraperitoneall ...19969070398
trypanosoma (schizotrypanum) cruzi: histopathology in mice infected with strains isolated from didelphis marsupialis from the valley of caracas (venezuela).the histopathological alterations produced in nmri strain mice by isolates of trypanosoma cruzi from didelphis marsupialis captured near human dwellings in the valley of caracas, venezuela are described. the donor opossums showed pseudocysts and amastigotes and trypomastigotes only in the heart muscle, and few areas of discrete inflammations and lysis of some muscle cells. mice were parasitized in the heart, skeletal muscle, jejunum, colon, liver, lung, urinary bladder, penis, seminal vesicle, p ...19969460250
ecological studies of enzootic venezuelan equine encephalitis in north-central venezuela, 1997-1998.from 1997-1998, we investigated the possible continuous circulation of epizootic venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) virus suggested by a 1983 subtype ic interepizootic mosquito isolate made in panaquire, miranda state, venezuela. the study area was originally covered by lowland tropical rainforest but has been converted into cacao plantations. sentinel hamsters, small mammal trapping, mosquito collections, and human serosurveys were used to detect active or recent virus circulation. six strain ...200111425168
risk of trypanosoma cruzi i (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae) transmission by panstrongylus geniculatus (hemiptera: reduviidae) in caracas (metropolitan district) and neighboring states, venezuela.the collection of panstrongylus geniculatus bugs by inhabitants of dwellings in caracas city (metropolitan district) and in the neighboring miranda and vargas sates, venezuela, allowed for the gathering of data on the potential role of this sylvatic triatomine bug as a vector of chagas disease in this area. the natural infection by trypanosoma cruzi was recorded by examining fresh and stained faeces of the bugs. additionally, a random amplification of polymorphic dna technique for parasite ident ...200516019006
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