an investigation on the ecology of triatoma vitticeps (stal, 1859) and its possible role in the transmission of trypanosoma cruzi, in the locality of triunfo, santa maria madalena municipal district, state of rio de janeiro, brazil.from january 1989 to april 1995, 465 specimens of triatoma vitticeps were collected in the locality of triunfo, 2nd district of santa maria madalena municipal district, state of rio de janeiro. the bugs were found indoors by local residents with predominance of adults. the flight activity was high in hot months when the incidence in the domicile also increased. two hundred and two bugs (111 alive and 91 dead) were examined for trypanosoma cruzi infection. this was detected in 31 of the dead bugs ...19989921289
the complexity of the sylvatic cycle of trypanosoma cruzi in rio de janeiro state (brazil) revealed by the non-transcribed spacer of the mini-exon gene.american trypanosamiasis occurs in nature as a sylvatic cycle, where trypanosoma cruzi interacts with wild triatomines and mammalian reservoirs, such as marsupials, rodents, armadillos and other animals. due to difficulties in trying to isolate t. cruzi stocks from the sylvatic cycle, very few studies have been performed in order to understand the parasite infection in natural environments. traditionally t. cruzi has been considered to be composed of a highly heterogeneous population of parasite ...199910028530
canine visceral leishmaniasis in barra de guaratiba, rio de janeiro, brazil: assessment of risk factors.barra de guaratiba is a coastal area of the city of rio de janeiro where american visceral leishmaniasis (avl) is endemic. although control measures including killing of dogs and use of insecticides have been applied at this locality, the canine seroprevalence remains at 25% and during 1995 and 1997 eight autochthonous human cases were notified. in order to evaluate factors related to the increase of the risk for leishmania (leishmania) chagasi infection in dogs we have screened 365 dogs by anti ...200312754572
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