characterization of trypanosoma cruzi isolated from humans, vectors, and animal reservoirs following an outbreak of acute human chagas disease in santa catarina state, brazil.during march 2005, 24 cases of acute human chagas disease were detected in santa catarina state, southern brazil, all of them related to the ingestion of trypanosoma cruzi-contaminated sugar cane juice. following field studies allowed the isolation of 13 t. cruzi strains from humans, opossums (didelphis aurita and didelphis albiventris), and vectors (triatoma tibiamaculata). the isolated strains were characterized by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (mlee) and analysis of the spliced-leader and ...200817889480
biological, biochemical and molecular features of trypanosoma cruzi strains isolated from patients infected through oral transmission during a 2005 outbreak in the state of santa catarina, brazil: its correspondence with the new t. cruzi taxonomy consensus (2009).we examined strains of trypanosoma cruzi isolated from patients with acute chagas disease that had been acquired by oral transmission in the state of santa catarina, brazil (2005) and two isolates that had been obtained from a marsupial (didelphis aurita) and a vector (triatoma tibiamaculata). these strains were characterised through their biological behaviour and isoenzymic profiles and genotyped according to the new taxonomy consensus (2009) based on the discrete typing unities, that is, t. cr ...201122241116
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