hind limb malformations in free-living northern leopard frogs (rana pipiens) from maine, minnesota, and vermont suggest multiple etiologies.reports of malformed frogs have increased throughout the north american continent in recent years. most of the observed malformations have involved the hind limbs. the goal of this study was to accurately characterize the hind limb malformations in wild frogs as an important step toward understanding the possible etiologies.200010935979
variations in the expressed antimicrobial peptide repertoire of northern leopard frog (rana pipiens) populations suggest intraspecies differences in resistance to pathogens.the northern leopard frog (rana pipiens or lithobates pipiens) is historically found in most of the provinces of canada and the northern and southwest states of the united states. in the last 50 years, populations have suffered significant losses, especially in the western regions of the species range. using a peptidomics approach, we show that the pattern of expressed antimicrobial skin peptides of frogs from three geographically separated populations are distinct, and we report the presence of ...200919622371
hybridization between rana pipiens from vermont and eastern mexico. 194716578248
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