hepatic levels of metal and metallothioneins in two commercial fish species of the northern iberian shelf.metal levels (cd, pb, hg, cr, fe, cu, zn) together with metallothioneins (mts) were determined in the liver of two commercial fish species collected along the northern iberian coast. the four-spotted megrim (lepidorhumbos boscii) and the pouting (trisopterus luscus) were selected as representative species of the middle/outer (200-500 m) and inner shelf (70-120 m), respectively. metal pollution in the middle/outer shelf was mostly detected in the asturias and basque country areas, whereas in the ...200818054994
anisakid parasites of the pouting (trisopterus luscus) from the cantabrian sea coast, bay of biscay, epidemiological survey was undertaken of anisakids in 139 specimens (length: 13.2-24.5 cm) of pouting or bib (trisopterus luscus) captured off the coast of northern spain in the cantabrian sea. third-stage larvae of two species of nematodes, anisakis larvae type i and hysterothylacium aduncum, were isolated. one adult female h. aduncum was also detected in the intestine of one pouting. total prevalence of anisakids was 88.5%. hysterothylacium aduncum and anisakis showed, respectively, prevale ...200818593503
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