survey on wild rodents for endoparasites in iwate prefecture, japan.wild rodents (58 apodemus speciosus, 29 a. argenteus and 7 microtus montebelli) were surveyed for endoparasites in iwate prefecture, japan, from october to december 1995 and from april to october 1996. two trematodes (echinostoma macrorchis, plagiorchis muris), 4 or more cestodes (hymenolepis diminuta, raillietina coreensis, cladothyridium spp., cysticercus fasciolaris), 12 nematodes (carolinensis minutus, eucoleus sp., heligmosomoides kurilensis, h. protobullosus, h. speciosus, heterakis spumos ...200314600361
genotoxic assessment of small mammals at an illegal dumpsite at the aomori-iwate prefectural 2003, we examined the chromosomes of grass voles at an illegal dumpsite at the aomori-lwate prefectural boundary. in subsequent years, from 2003-2006, we surveyed the chromosomes of four species of small mammals, namely, the japanese grass vole (microtus montebelli), the large japanese field mouse (apodemus speciosus), the small japanese field mouse (a. argenteus), and the greater japanese shrew mole (urotrichus talpoides). each annual survey revealed, both on a yearly basis and during the en ...200919341331
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