isolation of spotted fever group rickettsia from apodemus speciosus in an endemic area in japan.a spotted fever group rickettsia was isolated from apodemus mice captured near the site where a person had been infected in miyazaki prefecture. antigenic characteristics of the isolate designated as strain to-1 were compared with those of rickettsia japonica (strain yh) and rickettsia montana (atcc vr611) by the indirect fluorescent antibody test with 14 serum specimens obtained from apodemus speciosus, immune rat antisera against the strains to-1 and yh, and three patients' sera. the titers of ...19921434069
prevalence of spotted fever group rickettsia antibody in apodemus speciosus captured in an endemic focus in miyazaki prefecture, japan.fourteen of apodemus speciosus (large japanese field mouse) were captured near the place where one of the patients with spotted fever group rickettsiosis had been infected, in takaoka town, miyazaki prefecture. in the town, four human cases were reported. all of the mice had antibodies against rickettsia japonica and r. montana. the incidence of the antibody was significantly higher in apodemus mice in the area than in those from nonendemic area.19902395224
investigation of reservoir animals of leptospira in the northern part of miyazaki prefecture.we surveyed reservoir animals of leptospires in the northern part of miyazaki prefecture, where a cluster of human leptospirosis had occurred during the summer of 2006. leptospira was isolated from 6 of 57 large japanese field mice (apodemus speciosus). the serogroups of the isolates were autumnalis (5 strains) and hebdomadis (1 strain) and the partial nucleotide sequences of their flab genes suggested that the isolates belonged to l. interrogans. the human patient sera reacted specifically with ...200819050356
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