pollen-related allergy in italy.pollen-related allergies are very common in italy and pollinosis is the commonest allergic disease. the type of allergenic plants and the prevalence of hay fever varies among regions. in the mediterranean area there are characteristic climatic conditions (mildness of winter, summer dryness) that facilitate the growth of a typical vegetation with its associated various types of allergenic pollen grains, some of them very different from those of central and northern europe. italy has a central pos ...19921586007
ethnobotanical and phytomedical knowledge in the north-western ligurian alps.the ethnobotany of european alpine regions is much diversified and scarcely investigated. these regions retain a well-developed heritage culture and botanical traditional knowledge, favored by the isolated montane location. we carried out a study of therapeutic and traditional uses of native plants of a poorly explored area of the western italian alps in the ligurian region (nw italy). the area has been the object of human activities since prehistoric ages, and an obliged crossroad for people mo ...201424910407
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