sensitization to olea europaea: geographical differences and discrepancies.thirty eight patients from two geographical areas of spain, with great differences in olea europaea pollen counts were studied to investigate their in vivo and in vitro immune response to this pollen as a consequence of their different environmental allergen exposure. they were distributed in two groups (13 from madrid, and 25 from jaén). skin sensitivity was assessed by a prick-test dose-response bioassay using serial dilutions of a biologically standardized allergen extract of o. europaea. ser ...19979269505
allergenicity and cross-reactivity of russian olive pollen (eleagnus angustifolia).the purposes of this study were: to determine the prevalence of sensitization and immunochemical characterization of eleagnus angustifolia pollen (russian olive) that belongs to the family eleagnaceae.200415461599
seasonal asthma caused by airborne platanus pollen.this work describes three patients suffering from bronchial asthma after being naturally exposed to airborne plane-tree pollen. the three patients gave immediate response in skin tests and dual response in bronchial provocations using platanus hybrida extract. there was specific seric ige activity against this/these antigen(s) with the cap system. the three patients also showed significant correlation (p < 0.001) between their rhinitis and asthma symptom-scores registered on their diary cards an ...19947889425
allergenic pollen pollinosis in madrid.a 15-year pollen count was performed in the atmosphere of madrid, spain, to determine the months in which the highest concentrations of allergenic pollens occur.19957622759
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