[sensitization to castanea sativa pollen and pollinosis in northern extremadura (spain)].castanea sativa pollen allergy has generally been considered to be uncommon and clinically insignificant. in our geographical area (plasencia, cáceres, spain) castanea sativa pollen is a major pollen.200515946627
regional forecast model for the olea pollen season in extremadura (sw spain).the olive tree (olea europaea) is a predominantly mediterranean anemophilous species. the pollen allergens from this tree are an important cause of allergic problems. olea pollen may be relevant in relation to climate change, due to the fact that its flowering phenology is related to meteorological parameters. this study aims to investigate airborne olea pollen data from a city on the sw iberian peninsula, to analyse the trends in these data and their relationships with meteorological parameters ...201626896182
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