atmospheric pollen in the area of this paper the results of an investigation on the pollen grains in the atmosphere of athens, greece, are presented. the work was carried out between june 1973 and august 1974. a gravity sampler, of the durham type, was placed on the roof of king paul athens general hospital. slides covered with vaseline were exposed to the air for 24 h every day during the above-mentioned period. after staining , the pollen on each slide was counted in an area of 1.375 cm2 under a light microscope. the result ...1977577084
a study of air pollution with heavy metals in athens city and attica basin using evergreen trees as biological indicators.concentrations of five metals (cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel and lead) were determined in tree leaves collected from 13 areas of the attica basin and athens city, greece. geographical distribution patterns were investigated, and factors affecting toxic element accumulation in trees were discussed. the mean heavy metal content in the tree leaves is described in the descending order of copper>lead>nickel>chromium>cadmium. generally, the most damaged areas have been proved to be those near the ...201222410948
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